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Storage & Post-Harvest
& Sizing
Finish Packing
Riveridge Packing has state-of-the art cold and controlled atmosphere facilities with equipment from Storage Control Systems and Midwest Refrigeration.

These automated systems are monitored 24-hours for temperature, oxygen, and carbon dioxide.

We can also arrange for post-harvest treatments of SmartFresh and fungicides by fogging for apples in our storage rooms.

Our Compac pre-sizing grader is equipped with the InVision 9000 camera system which utilizes color and infrared images of the fruit to sort by color and external defects. 

The line can also sort apples for internal defects with near-infrared scanning technology from Taste Technologies.

Pre-sorting & sizing can provide a great opportunity to quickly sort fruit in the fall to determine the chararcteristics of the fruit and return bins to the orchard.
From heated flume water to extended brush beds and temperature-controlled drying rooms, every precaution has been taken to produce the cleanest, eye-appealing apples from our finish packing line.

With 48 bagging heads and 14 tray lines, we have the room and flexibility to assemble a quality pack efficiently.

This attention to detail coupled with the premium service of our sales agent, Riveridge Produce Marketing, impacts the return to our growers.

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